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Antiques Roadshow-What Is Your Item Worth?

We enjoyed working with the appraisers to learn how they selected items to feature on the show. Three characteristics that they looked for were: a fantastic story, something of great value, and a rare national treasure. Everyone in line was hoping for that magical moment when they would find out that their item had great worth. Some people were pleasantly surprised but more often they learned that their belongings had less value than expected.
At an appraisal, you can expect to hear three determinations: 1. The appraisal value. This is how much the item can be insured for. It is always the highest value. 2. The retail value or how much the item could be purchased for at a store. 3. The fair market value is the price for which it will most likely sell. When I am doing Estate sales the fair market value is the price that we list the items for when we set up and the price at the estate sale. 
At Hidden Creations we are always watching the antique market and staying informed on current trends to provide you with the most accurate fair market pricing and the highest gain for your home furnishings and heirlooms.

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We are a family owned business located in Northern California. We specialize in selling on items on line, teaching classes on how to sell on eBay and estate sale services.

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