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   We pray this newsletter finds you all safe and healthy. We think of our family and friends in California so often. We wanted to let you know with Franks current health diagnosis and moving half way across the U.S. that our plans from our past business model have changed for now. We are trusting God for his healing and prosperity. I have started reselling online so I could have a flexible schedule to spend time with my beloved husband Frank. My user id for eBay is To stream line the process, we will be posting videos on Youtube Gails_Hidden_Creations  and our facebook page instead of sending out the newsletter.  You can help us by watching our videos, giving us a thumbs up, and subscribing to our channel and facebook page to keep up to date with our latest adventure. We thank you for supporting our small business. Click on the link below for our latest video. Gail
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About hiddencreations

We are a family owned business located in Northern California. We specialize in selling on items on line, teaching classes on how to sell on eBay and estate sale services.